Brant Ayala (b_ayala) wrote,
Brant Ayala

Came home to Tennessee with Deas. We got a bit of time off and thought we'd spend the weekend back home with our dad's. Damn, what a great time. The four of us all went to the race track and got shit faced. Trace called Dad and we placed a bet in the little shit's honor and he won. I got to remember to send him that six hundred bucks. Hmm. Nah.

Lynn and Momma are doing their annual, "best friends bonding" shit and she joined Justin's tour for a bit. I might need to stay around Memphis to check that Bitchrittany doesn't burn down the house in one of her drama induced epiosdes. Momma's right, the bitch needs a job and needs to grow the fuck up.

Deas and the Dads' are calling. LATE.
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