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Shelby County's Original BAD ASS [entries|friends|calendar]
Brant Ayala

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[12 Nov 2003|12:28pm]
Deas had me tied up for a bit. Here I am. Junior and Britty need to get off they lazy asses and show big bro some love.
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[02 Sep 2003|08:30pm]
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[15 Jun 2003|10:47pm]
Came home to Tennessee with Deas. We got a bit of time off and thought we'd spend the weekend back home with our dad's. Damn, what a great time. The four of us all went to the race track and got shit faced. Trace called Dad and we placed a bet in the little shit's honor and he won. I got to remember to send him that six hundred bucks. Hmm. Nah.

Lynn and Momma are doing their annual, "best friends bonding" shit and she joined Justin's tour for a bit. I might need to stay around Memphis to check that Bitchrittany doesn't burn down the house in one of her drama induced epiosdes. Momma's right, the bitch needs a job and needs to grow the fuck up.

Deas and the Dads' are calling. LATE.
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Trace, don't waste your time. [09 Jun 2003|03:48am]
[ mood | drunk ]

Good thing I called home before calling United Airlines. Seems Brittany's making up lies about the family again just to get me and Trace to talk to her. You know, its funny. She claims to be this 18 year old woman who can do things on her own and has decided to be a damn groupie for some waste of space, no talent, second rate fag band, but she still acts like a 13 year old. I hated that I woke my mother up since she has to work in the morning, but it was better than flying out to Memphis and driving into Millington to find out about Brittany's newest set of lies. I'm done with it. She made a post claiming she was moving on, being a strong young woman, well enjoy life toots cause big brother isn't mailing checks home no more and Timberlake isn't taking care of you now either.

Deas and me need pancakes. They are the best at soaking up the beer in your stomach. Good thing I'm not working tomorrow because I can feel a hang-over already.

Chastain, You amatuer hater. I taught you better. You left a few people out. Log on AIM NOW so we can discuss who.

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Setting the record straight [02 Jun 2003|10:23pm]
[ mood | good ]

*cracks knuckles* So, people talk alot of shit about me so Deas convinced me to set the record straight. And no me and Deas ain't fags for eachother, we're just two best friends who are roommates. Fuck that, time for the Brant Ayala story.

Who am I? I'm the oldest son to Belinda and Juan Ayala II and was born in Ensenada, Mexico then moved back to my parents home town of Millington, Tennessee where I grew up with a brother, Jaun III(Trace) and a bratty little sister, Brittany. My parents split when I was ten, and it was a good thing. They were always fighting and it caused a lot of problems for me and Trace. Brittany was too little to know anything about the shit that went on and after our dad left we lived with Lynn and Paul Harless and their son, the infamous Justin Timberlake. Once Mama and me got jobs we got our own place around the corner from the Harless house and the rest you've basically heard from Trace, Nick, or Justin.

What you probably don't know is this, I left Millington with my best friend Brian Deas and the two of us attended college in Tampa and then I started working in landscaping and pool maint. I run my own fucking business and still help support my family back home, even though Justin basically takes care of Mama now. Deas and me were the ORIGINAL Tenn Crew, but we called our outfit, "The Shelby County Boys." We took all that shit with us to Tampa and yeah, I got a few DUI's and it landed me on house arrest when I ain't working.

So Brittany's got you all convinced I'm this fucking terrible guy, What the hell ever. Fuck her and her baby shit. I am a successful, self employed man and I'm not stuck in Millington. I go home for holidays, family functions, and emergencys, but hell Trace is in L.A. and we're adults and you just don't get home as much as you'd like once you're grown. I call my Mama every sunday and never has she said she wasn't proud of me. If she wasn't, I wouldn't be sending her money. Fucking leeches.

Something else about me. I'm private and fucking protective as fuck. I probably won't update this shit regularly and seeing how I got on AIM and got attacked about my crazy family I doubt I use that shit regularly either. Fuck it, Why lie? Deas and me got better things to do, or people to do than sit around on a computer. It will be a good way to keep intouch with my brother and sister though, so the journal is a plus. Also, fucking hurt my family and my crew and Nick will look like the damn toothfairy compared to my rage. DON'T HURT THE PEOPLE I LOVE! That includes family hurting family, BRITTANY!*hint hint*

People's Court is on and Deas ordered us a pizza so I'm going to crack open a cold Bud and chill out. Add me if you want. Don't add me if ya' don't wanna, I really don't care. Late.

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